Magnolia Photographie is excited to be Thumbtack's Best of Boston Engagement Photographers!  If you want Boston Engagement photos then hire Magnolia Photographie to work with you to create an incredible engagement session.  We know some really great Boston locations but are always eager to explore new areas that can showcase your Boston engagement ideas.   Want to get engaged on the Boston Common?  The Back Bay? Or maybe you are considering Castle Island engagement photography?  Whatever the location is for your Boston engagement photos, we can help you capture every moment. 

Magnolia Photographie is not only in the Boston engagement photography world but we also are part of the Boston wedding photography scene.  We have been recognized as one of the best wedding photographers in the Boston area so we continue to work towards that goal.  We love taking walks with our clients through the streets of Beacon Hill or visiting Boston Gardens with the iconic swan boats.  Boston offers an incredible variety of locations that are perfect for Boston engagement photos and Boston wedding photography. If you want to brainstorm Boston Wedding Photos Ideas, let us help you!  Magnolia Photographie can work with you to find your ideal location to make your photoshoot your own. 

Stylistically, we consider ourselves Boston photojournalistic wedding photographers, so if you like what you see as far as style on our website then we are in a good place to move forward.  We focus on the small moments and try to capture the "little things" that are meaningful for you and your partner.  Magnolia Photographie has lots of Boston wedding photo ideas and we would be happy to talk with you to better understand what you are hoping to see in your Boston wedding photos.  We look forward to creating a simple and beautiful Boston engagement photos for you and we hope you will consider Magnolia Photographie your Boston engagement photographers.  Let Magnolia Photographie photograph your Boston engagement or your Boston wedding. 

To learn more about availability for Magnolia Photographie, Boston engagement photos, how to hire us for your Boston wedding photography or if you just want to talk about Boston wedding photo ideas, you can call or email Magnolia Photographie through our contact page.  We have a great deal of experience in the wedding and engagement world so feel free to ask us any questions about Boston engagement photos or Boston wedding photography.  We look forward to discussing what you’re looking for in Boston engagement session.  Again, feel free to email us at Magnolia Photographie through the Contact page or give us a call.   Thank you for considering us as your Boston Wedding Photographers!