Willowdale Estate Wedding photographers

Magnolia Photographie is fortunate to have such a plethora of parks and other stunning outdoor locations in our area, the North Shore of Boston.  THE WILLOWDALE ESTATE is set on the summer retreat of Boston businessman Bradley Palmer and boasts an “ornate fieldstone mansion and luscious grounds” perfect for “a romantic, elegant and timeless experience.”  Willowdale Estate’s open air, natural feel compliments the historic and simple setting that makes this one of the North Shore’s premier wedding locations.  A relatively new location (open in 2007), makes the Willowdale Estate a highly sought after picturesque destination.  Magnolia Photographie loves the Willowdale Estate for it’s cozy and verdant scene which create glorious amounts of space in any picture.  Outdoor dancing and dinner in the garden give the Willowdale Estate a unique and intimate surrounding.  This is one place you will want to make sure is on your wedding location list!


To learn more about Magnolia Photographie availability, photography at the Willowdale Estate, scheduling your engagement or wedding photography, as well as how much time to allot for family pictures after the wedding ceremony, email us at Magnolia Photographie through the Contact page or give us a call.  We look forward to hearing from you and discussing what you’re looking for in your wedding photography.  Thank you for considering us as your Willowdale Estate wedding photographers!